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Homeowners know the importance of having a professional contractor to do all their home remodeling, because having a room in their home remodeled by a professional will increase the value of their home along with providing a beautiful space that you will be proud of. Homeowners in our area always contact Great Norther Builders as their bathroom and kitchen remodeler in Eagan. We have over fifteen years of experience, we are licensed, insure, bonded, and we provide free estimates for all remodeling projects. We provide our customers in Eagan with a variety of services to meet each their specific need and preferences.

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We specialize in providing homeowners with home remodeling, home additions, and patios and decks. Trust your home with a contractor that has trained employees.

Eagan, Minnesota

Eagan is located just south of Saint Paul and is the eleventh largest city in Minnesota with a population of 64,206. The city was once known as the “Onion Capital of the United States” because of the farming community that grew onions. The city was named after Patrick Eagan, who owned 220 acres and was the first chairman of the town board. There are plenty of things to see and do in the city.

The Eagan Art House is a fantastic place to go to see art exhibits done by local artists. The space has recently celebrated its twentieth anniversary, and features a rotation of exhibits year-round. When you are coming to Eagan, you will want to make sure you visit the Art House, so you can get a glimpse of the local artists at work.

We did an Eagan Kitchen Remodeling project at this home - GNB

Fishing is a favorite activity in the city by residents and visitors. You can go fishing at Bald Lake, Fish Lake, Heine Pond, Bur Oaks Pond, and Thomas Lake. The types of fish that can be caught in the area are Largemouth Bass, Bullhead, Bluegill, and Walleye. Fishing at any of these areas provide visitors with relaxation, excitement, and enjoying natural beauty.

The Eagan Market Fest is the Farmer Market that is year-round. Visitors can pick up delicious chocolates, freshly made butter, biscotti’s, German sausages, homemade chesses, vegetables, and so much more. The Eagan Market Fest is open every Saturday and Sunday at the Community Center all year. Visitors can taste all these specialty items and chat with the residents of the city.

Great Northern Builders is the professional contractor that homeowners in Eagan always contact for their home remodeling. We provide free estimates, including storm damage. Contact us today for more information on all of our services.

Home Addition Leads to Renovation Project

We recently received a call from a woman looking to hire a home remodeling contractor in Eagan. Her husband had recently built a new sun porch for their house and the wife absolutely loved it. However, she now felt the need to update the surrounding rooms as well, namely their kitchen. The woman felt very strongly that the style of her kitchen must accommodate the style of her sunroom, which it currently did not. It was for this reason that she sought out our company’s services as a kitchen remodeler.

The next day, we sent someone out for a consultation. Her kitchen had already been remodeled since they bought the house, so while she did like the current style, it was really more about matching the sun porch. We discussed the design and threw some ideas around, until we finally settled on a plan. The customer couldn’t contain her excitement and asked us to get started as soon as possible.

A complete home remodeling in Eagan for this couple - Great Northern Builders

Our design was largely inspired by the “sun” aspect of their sun porch. We decided to keep everything in light tones and focus on making the room seem spacious, as well as drawing attention to the kitchen windows. The first thing we did was install new, larger windows to let in as much natural light as possible. We chose a cream-colored roman shade that would let in light while still maintaining privacy.

For the floors, we chose a light oak wood that brought warmth to the space. The cabinets were recycled from the previous kitchen, but were painted white and had molding details added to the tops and bottoms for an extra touch. We decided on a charcoal granite with flecks of white and silver throughout. We were also able to recycle all their old appliances, which in reality were fairly new. Both the sink and faucet were a bright, shiny, silver, while the light fixtures and knobs were a dark iron.

By the end of the project, the woman was thrilled. Not only because she loved the new design, but also because we were able to save so much time and money by reusing the old cabinets. We gave her some information on maintaining her new kitchen and she gave us a promise to give us a call next time she needed a remodeling contractor in Eagan. She’d been meaning to hire a bathroom remodeler for the en suite in their master bedroom, and someone to take care of the basement remodeling she’d been hoping for, and now she knew exactly who to call.